Lilian in Quatsino to ///   –   7th March 1930

December 27th, 2015

Quatsino British Columbia
March 7th 1930

My dear /// ,
The Spring work is around once more and without Patricia it seems to be a hopeless task to fit everything in. Charles hurt his wrist months ago when the flywheel of the log’s engine caught it, and it has never got well.

The boy is a big strong lump now, but though he can work if he wants to, seldom exerts himself, also his papa wants him to go elsewhere – better prospects – though what he is fitted for I do not know, possibly some mechanical job with his fingers where no thought is necessary. He has to be spoon fed all the time.

Our plans under the circumstances are not formed. It is impossible to manage all the strawberries etc., without help, neither do I feel like running the launch all Winter by myself, so I guess most of the chickens will have to go to as they mean hauling sacks of feed every /// , however I am feeling unduly blue, not being very well and missing Patricia most terribly now the Spring is here.

I should think what Nora wants is strict diet and a course of physical culture instead of bed. She would probably take a new lease of life. Did you ever get McCoy’s book on the “Fast Way to Health”

“The Fast Way to Health” by Dr Frank McCoy (300 pages) was first published in 1923 by the Times-Mirror Press)

We have been getting in seaweed last month, and have just got a bit of it spread on the grassland. My fate is now to try and persuade the tractor to run. She has a bum magneto so its only once in a while after violent kicking on my part, that I can get a hot enough spark to start her. Generally my temper and boot run out first !

Beeman Garden Tractor

Beeman Garden Tractor

I am also wrestling with the launch engine and clutch, to get them right.

/// ///

I am sending you six negatives, the best of Patricia, to be enlarged. Parts of some only should be enlarged – for instance, Patricia in the picnic group, she is next to our friend Morrison, and the other figures can be left out. Patricia and Jackie in the daffodils could be upright panel shape and Patricia with a bird in each arm should be ovalled off so as not to show the lower half of figure.

Patricia and birds

Patricia and birds

How I wish I had my ‘Tub’ enlarging room here.

(‘Tub’ refers to Tobarcooran House, the family home in Carnmoney, near Belfast)

Drawing RoomTobarcooran House

Drawing Room  –  Tobarcooran House

The tree in front of the house is some kind of Elm I think, and not what I thought it was as a seedling. I have a list made of my good plants. A lot were stolen when we were away, but the herbs survive the grass and weeds and are no bother to look after.

I have got a pair of spectacles from a mail order house that sent me an eye test chart and I see and read alright but I think they are too powerful as they hurt my eyes so I don’t use them much. It is of course out of the question to see an occulist (optician), they don’t come around these parts, and the wretched dentist has not turned up yet. He is writing a book on Indian Folk Legends at his home in Vancouver.

The captain of the pulp mill tug told the engineer to get up steam the other day and presently he heard the engine getting it up alright and went below to see what was the matter. The engineer was sitting in his chair with his arms folded, dead. What a peaceful way to depart ?

Well I must end this very dull letter.

Thine, Lil.

7th March 1930

7th March 1930


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