Patricia Bland to her Cousin Eva

December 26th, 2015

Draft of a letter from Patricia Bland in Quatsino, to her cousin Eva.

Quatsino British Columbia
December 30

My dear cousin Eva,
Thank you for the necklace. I think it is very nice. I hope you had a happy Xmas.
We have had 12 and 14 degrees frost for two weeks but now it has gone down to 4.

We had an awful North wind gale a week before Xmas. It lasted two days and blew a clump of 14 trees down together across our trail and through our pipeline, besides bursting in the front verandah door. The front room was like an ice house and we kept severely in the kitchen.

The duck seem scarce now though I shot quite a few at the beginning of the year. I got within 6  feet of the big geese yesterday. They came walking out of the woods behind me and I was so surprised I did not get a shot.


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