Lilian’s mother

September 28th, 2015

Lilian’s mother was Emily Charlotte Madden (1847 – 7th Dec 1906) from Berg Apton which is 12 km south-east of Norwich, in Norfolk, UK. The village is on a minor road off the A146, two miles north-west of Thurton.


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C1st and C11th    –    Beorh Apetune was the name used from the first century to the eleventh century

Emily Charlotte Madden

Emily Charlotte Madden

Emily married John Humphrey Bland of Fernagh, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim, on 30th October 1867 and they had three children:

Eva Charlotte Alice Bland (10 November 1868 – 1933).  Eva married Geirge Kycas Blackey Borton, son of Captain Henry Borton, on 30 November 1911. No children.

Robert Wyndham Humphrey Marciel Bland (27 January 1872 – 18 July 1942).  Robert married Mildred Dorothea Mordaunt, daughter of Lt.-Col. James Sparrow Mordaunt and Harriet Theresa Gibbs, in June 1915. No children.

Lilian Emily Bland (28th September 1878 – 11th May 1971).  Lilian married her cousin Charles Loftus Bland on 3 October 1911. One daughter Patricia (13 April 1913 – September 1929).

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